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Red with Vengeance: Slavko’s Vengeance Racing 1,200RWHP C6Z

Slavko Krajisnik wasn’t always a horsepower junkie, but that all changed when came across his neighbor Norm McClung’s Vengeance built C5 Z06. The looks of the race-ready black C5 Z06 and the incredible sound of the F1X Procharged 427 LSX gave him the itch to start a build of his own. 

Krajisnik picked up a C6 Z06 for his platform of choice and immediately brought the car over to Ron Mowen at Vengeance Racing. With Krajisnik being somewhat new to the horsepower world, the first set of modifications included an A&A supercharger system with a V3 SI head unit/Vengeance Camshaft Kit/Long tube headers all fitted to his stock LS7 long block. This combo gave him a decent 700-horsepower to the rear wheels, which is a very fun and controllable power range. Once Krajisnik got comfortable with the added horsepower, the want for more power was only a matter of time. They went back to the chopping block and decided it was time to take it to the next step.

Krajisnik brought the car back to Vengeance Racing and they immediately got to work. They swapped out the LS7 and dropped in a Vengeance Racing Built 427 LSX motor equipped with Mast Motorsports LS7 Cylinder Heads, Low Lash Solid Roller Camshaft, Late Model Engines Billet Intake Manifold, Alky Control Methanol Injection System, Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System, American Racing Stainless Long Tube Headers and a ProCharger Supercharger system with F1X Head unit. With this setup, Krajisnik’s C6Z is now capable of around 1500 rear-wheel horsepower, almost double of his original setup. “After Slavko gets used to the break in tune/pulley combination which is right around 1000 rear-wheel horsepower, we will add some more boost and get a bit more aggressive with the tune,” Says Ron Mowen, Owner of Vengeance Racing. “This combination has already run 186mph in the 1/2 mile and there is a lot more room to grow.”


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Photos/Video by: Vengeance Racing, GearHead Flicks and Joe Alonzo

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