Gidi Chamdi Breaks Top Speed Records at WannaGOFAST

Gidi Chamdi is no stranger to breaking records. Earlier this year, Chamdi took his AMS Performance Alpha G GT-R into the record books for being the first GT-R in history to break the 6-second mark in the quarter mile. This past weekend he managed to add two more entries into the record book at the WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile at the Stanly County Airport in New London, North Carolina. 

Chamdi had one goal for the weekend, be the first person ever to reach 250 miles per hour in the 1/2 mile, and he succeeded. Chamdi piloted the Drag 965 Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan to a blistering 250.27 miles per hour through the finish line, breaking the previous record of 248.32 by Rob Harper in his Nissan GT-R. Chamdi then went on to pilot the Drag 965 UGR Twin Turbo R8 to another record of 244.83 miles per hour. Chamdi holds two of the top 5 fastest passes ever in the 1/2 mile, that must be one amazing feeling. Congratulations to Gidi, Drag 965 and Underground Racing on this incredible feat!

“This past weekend was absolutely amazing,” Says Chamdi. “I couldn’t believe the difference between the 245 miles per hour run and 250 miles per hour run, it was night and day. The 245 pass in the UGR twin turbo R8 didn’t faze me one bit, but the 250 run in the UGR twin turbo Huracan actually scared me a little bit. I’m used to the feeling at 240 miles per hour, but when you hit 250 it’s different world. The power that the car had in when we reached 250 miles per hour was truly awesome, I could feel it in my bones. The tune was much improved on the 250 run and it was noticeable. As soon as I hit second gear I knew it was going to be a very different run”

“To break more records feels awesome!” Continued Chamdi. “That was the next hurdle in the 1/2-mile race scene and we got it done the first time the car was out. I have a feeling things are going to get a lot faster soon in 1/2 mile because the Lambos are still on stock blocks but will soon have billet blocks. When we made the switch to billet blocks in the GTR’s you saw that leap forward, well it’s the Lambo’s turn now and it will be game changing. The next mark in will be 260 miles per hour in the ½ mile, and I feel it will be here soon.”


Photos by: Joe Alonzo – WannaGOFAST and Underground Racing

Video by: May Fiorentino and Turnpike Racing league


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