Ryan Tuerck Takes His Ferrari Powered GT86 To The Streets

When Ryan Tuerck proposed the idea of stuffing a Ferrari 458 Italia motor into a Toyota GT86, people thought he was crazy. Stuffing a 4.5L V8 into the smaller Toyota is no easy feat, especially while finding a way to make everything work correctly. Well, Tuerck, GUMOUT and the boys over at Huddy Racing took the idea and made it into reality and created one of the most badass, Ferrari motor swapped drift/street cars on the planet known as the GT4586. 

Now here comes the real test, how street-able is this exotic tuner? Check out the video above by Donut Media of Tuerck taking the GT4586 out on the town for a day to put it to the test and see if it can claim the title of a street car!

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