VIDEO: Calvo Motorsports Twin Turbo “General Lee” Viper Goes 190mph On Pump Gas!

Calvo Motorsports came out swinging at the Pump Gas Invitational their twin turbo “General Lee” Dodge Viper. Antonio Calvo had the car tuned on pump gas for the first time ever so he could compete in the 93-octane class. The General Lee still managed to make over 1,600 wheel horsepower on pump 93-octane, but it usually makes over 2,000 horsepower on race gas. With the newly added 15-inch wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires, Calvo was able to run multiple 190 miles per hour passes in just 1,500 feet! Watch the video above as Calvo and the General Lee take on some fierce competition.

Video by 1320Video

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