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Drag Week 2017 – Day 2 Highlights

One of the most challenging aspects of Hot Rod Drag Week isn’t the racing itself, but the 200+mile trips in between tracks that test the real durability of the cars competing. As racers headed to Gateway Motorsports Park for Day 2 of Drag Week, few ran into issues on the road causing some roadside maintenance with hopes of continuing on. 

As day 2 progressed, a few of the top contenders, Tom Bailey and Alex Taylor among a few others, were forced to drop out due to some mechanical issues. We got to witness the first ever 7-second pass by a naturally aspirated car on Drag Week by James “Doc” McEntire in his 1500 horsepower 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. Over 350 racers are still in the competition at the end of day 2. We will see who makes the 300-mile journey to Byron Dragway outside of Rockford, IL for Day 3 of Drag Week!

Day 2 highlight reel provided by 1320Video

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