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Records Shattered at WannaGOFAST Georgia

WannaGOFAST has some of the best locations for their events, including this past weekend in Clayton, Georgia. Tucked back in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Heaven’s Landing airport is a gorgeous 5,069ft runway that allows for the competitors to really push their cars to the limit. This weekend couldn’t have had more perfect weather and conditions. Multiple records and personal bests were made in the 2 days of half mile racing. Here are a few of the many highlights from this past weekend at WannaGOFAST Georgia!

1. Moe Alzuraiki’s Underground Racing Built 6 Speed Lamborghini –  Simply said, this car is incredibly fast. Rowing through 6 gears, Moe pushed his UGR TT Gallardo to its max, making multiple passes over 200mph and going 221+mph which is a new Track Record!  On top of capturing the track record, Moe took home the $2,500 payout for Overall Exotic/Import Presented by Motovicity Distribution and EXEDY US.


Photo by: Eric Chang – Changaroo Photography – IG:Okiopie

2. ARD Motorsports Turbo Viper’s  – Christopher Anderson  and ADR Performance had an amazing performance at the Georgia half mile event this past weekend. Their silver Viper captured the Viper / US RWD half mile record at 217.3 MPH. They also had their Gen 5 Viper run 185.65 MPH at a low boost setting making it the second fastest Gen 5 in the half mile! ARD Performance brought home four awards in the privateer class: Fastest RWD car (both Saturday and Sunday) and fastest overall domestic (Saturday and Sunday) as well as having the fastest vehicle at the event overall on Saturday.

Video from ARD Motorsports Facebook page

3. NTH Moto’s Twin Turbo Gen 5 Viper – Nth Moto is known for their amazing work on exotic and sports cars. They brought out their Twin Turbo T/A 2.0 with full aero package, 6 speed 6060, and 19″ wheels this past weekend and brought home the record for the world’s first Gen V Dodge Viper to ever go 200 MPH in a standing half mile. They ran 200.5 MPH to be exact on their best pass of the weekend.


Photo by: Eric Chang – Changaroo Photography – IG:Okiopie

4. DBR High Performance SRT8 Jeep –  Going 180mph is quite the feat for most cars, but what about in a SRT8 Jeep? If you’re thinking the way I’m thinking, that’s just crazy. The guys over at DBR High Performance took their Turbo SRT8 Jeep down the 1/2 mile this past weekend and shocked everyone. They ended up running 180.28mph, which makes it the Fastest SUV in the 1/2 mile in the world!


Video from DBR High Performance’s Facebook page


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