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The Pump Gas Invitational: Recap and Official Results

Dallas Performance raced two of their twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo’s, piloted by Bo Honrobia and Kim Wittendorff, to the winner’s circle this past weekend at the first ever Pump Gas Invitational hosted by Texas Speed Syndicate. The Pump Gas Invitational is held at the Caddo Mills Airport in Caddo Mills, Texas, on their 4,000-foot runway that allows for 1,500 feet of acceleration space and 2,000 feet of shut down. 

The main idea behind the Pump Gas Invitational is to keep the levelest playing field as possible between competitors by having just 2 classes, 93 Octane, and E-85. All cars that showed up were required to be true street cars with full interior, two front seats, OEM dash, and chassis. All drivers were required to show up to the airfield on “empty” or they could drain fuel in their own containers there.  After that, all drivers were required to fill up with the official fuel vendor at the event by purchasing either 93 or E85 fuel from them out of sealed fuel drums and tamper proof tape was placed on the fuel caps of each car after filling up

With over 60 competitors, the classes had a pretty even split of cars ranging from Corvettes, Vipers, Lamborghinis, Camaros, GTR’s and even a 300ZX. The morning consisted of test n tune and grudge racing, then they proceeded into speed indexing after lunch. The top 16 cars of each class with the highest speeds were put into a bracket system and competitors raced until it was down to the final two in each class. When the dust settled, Kim Wittendorf took the win in the E-85 Class in his Dallas Performance Lambo against Tony Palo in his T1 Race Development GTR and Bo Honrobia took the win in the 93-octane class in his Dallas Performance Lambo against Antonio Calvo and his Calvo Motorsports Viper.  

“We have been trying to figure what to do year after year, and it just clicked – let’s make fuel-based requirements and that will revamp the whole process, shake it all up, and make the playing field as even and dry cut as possible. We made the rules fair and enforced a specific fuel requirement. We want to appeal to a very broad range of cars so we kept the pump gas 93-octane and true pump gas E-85 cars. We had nothing but real street cars out there racing these two classes. Special thanks to Ignite Racing Fuel for being on board. We used their Ignite Orange, which is the closest thing to pump E-85 you can get, and the competitors had nothing but good things to say about the performance of it. Also, special thanks to Race Fuel Depot for dispensing the fuel on-site, it went really great. Everyone was required to come to the runway on empty or drain their tank there and buy fuel from the vendors. We saw a 50/50 split of cars in each class and it was a great balance of cars in each. Congratulations to all winners and drivers who came out and ran their cars. Thank you to all of our sponsors and team – you make the event possible.” – Amar Sood, Texas Speed Syndicate

Pump Gas Invitational Champions

E85 Class
1st Place: Kim Wittendorff & Dallas Performance (Lambo)

2nd Place: Tony Palo & T1 Race Development (GTR)

93 Class
1st Place: Bo Honrobia & Dallas Performance (Lambo)

2nd Place: Antonio Calvo & Calvo Motorsports (Viper)

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