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THE HARD WAY: Eddie Blackwell’s 186mph N/A C5 Z06

Eddie Blackwell’s artic white C5 Z06 Corvette sits on the tarmac waiting for its shot at the strip during WannaGOFAST’s half-mile shootout. Built by Cumming, Georgia’s Vengeance Racing – amongst the world’s premier LS-engine and late model performance specialists – Blackwell’s radical Corvette is powered by a naturally aspirated, Twin 4500cfm throttle body and tunnel ram intake manifold-equipped 451ci LSX engine backed by a Pfitzner Performance sequential TR6060 transmission.

“The goal is to run consistently in the 190mph range in the half-mile” says Blackwell. “In this day and age of everything having a power adder of some sort, I have to say that we take a special sense of pride in the way this car performs naturally aspirated.”

The video above, by Gearhead Flicks and Vengeance Racing, showcases Blackwell screaming down the airstrip during the 2016 WannaGOFAST Texas Half-Mile in which he ran his fastest speed to date of 186mph. 

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