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English Racing ‘Gringotegra’ – The Little Integra That Could

Acura Integra’s are usually associated in the racing world as a “ricer,” but Myles Kerr of English Racing has taken that stereotype and blown it to pieces. Bought completely stock, Myles converted this bad boy into an absolute rocket. Rocking a Turbo B-series motor, Motec ECU, dogbox transmission and crazy aero makes it capable of running 180-plus mph. He roll races, drag races and even takes it on the airstrip for half-mile events sometimes.  This isn’t your high-school Honda project, either; “The Little Integra That Could” packs over 900 whp! If that’s not enough to ruffle your feathers, watch him take out this twin-turbo Audi R8 below.

Awesome video from 1320Video!

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