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VIDEO: World’s Fastest Cadillac CTS-V!

Last year, we introduced you to the world’s fastest twin-turbo Cadillac CTS-V, well he’s back with one less turbo and A LOT more power. 

Jerry Groves’ turbocharged CTS-V is without question the baddest of its kind and officially the quickest on the planet. On the old setup, Jerry and his team took the full interior, full-weight Cadillac to Maryland International Raceway this past year and posted a record-breaking 7.659-second, 181.64mph pass. 

This year, Groves and his team are attempting to carry the CTS-V into the 6’s to set the bar even higher for his competition. We had a chance to see the new setup while we were down in Houston for TX2K17, and there is no doubt in our mind that he will achieve his goal. Groves had the twin-turbo system replaced with one MASSIVE turbo and even more power than before, thanks to Prospeed Autosports.

Check out the video by 1320Video of the first shakedown passes just days after the new build was completed.

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