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Ricky’s 2JZ Swapped 1973 Corvette is WILD!

The title says it all with this one. We came across Ricky and his 1973 Corvette at TX2K this year and stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the Inline-6 2JZ motor and huge turbo under the hood. It seems the 2JZ motor is becoming more of a common motor swap and, in our opinion, is way more exciting than just a typical LS swap.  


“This car originally came from my dad with a 572 big block and 2 kits,” Says Ricky. “The 2JZ swap was something I always wanted to do. We knew the car good and we knew the 2JZ was capable of a lot more power and it’s actually faster now than it was before. The combination just works, and it’s quite the head turner when people notice its not a big block or LS based motor. It’s mainly a weekend car, we love to take it out on the street and just enjoy it. It weighs just around 3000-pounds and the fastest we have been on this setup is a 7.70.”

Check out the video above by 1320Video, showcasing Ricky’s wild 2JZ Corvette!


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