Top 10: TX2K16’s Most Memorable Moments

TX2K16 had a lot of crazy action this year. Luckily, the weather held out and we were able to get a full four days of racing as planned. Records were broken and upsets happened with this being one of the fastest-paced TX2Ks to date. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 most memorable moments of TX2K16.

1. Gidi’s AMS Alpha G GTR – I want to start by saying this car is a work of art; absolute perfection. Looking it over in the pits, every inch of this car was finished with the best of everything. This was a much anticipated appearance and the first time testing the new setup and it was very impressive.  AMS is one of the many performance shops chasing the the fastest GTR world records and their first full pass off the trailer delivered a stout 7.85 at 183.62 mph.  After turning up the boost a little they made their best pass of the weekend at 7.77 and 184.67 mph. I cannot wait to see what this car is capable of after some more testing.




2. Consecutive 8-Second GTR –  If any of you watch Street Outlaws you probably have seen this car before.  Tuan Ho of Oklahoma City has raced this GTR dang near everywhere imaginable.  He never shys down from a race, track or street. After a little tune-up time at T1Race Devolopment, Tuan ran multiple 8-second passes this past weekend and ran a personal best of 8.64 at 163.67 mph. Tuan also walked away with a win in the GTR 3 class of drag racing.




3. Mustang Erupts into flames – A driver’s worst nightmare is having something go horribly wrong with their car while racing.  A nitrous line burst after a hard launch on this Mustang and what started out as a little fire eventually erupted into an uncontrollable blaze.  As firefighters kept trying to put out the flames, the horrible winds fanned the fire and burned the whole front of the car beyond repair.  Thankfully, the driver walked away with no injuries. Here is the dramatic video shot by 1320video.

4. Track Prep was spot on – Track prep is one of the most important factors while racing on a track. Royal Purple Raceway made sure they did everything they could to make cars hook this weekend.  It was prepped so well that even a Porsche 997 turbo lifted the front tires a little.  There were multiple wheel stands and plenty of broken rear ends from the higher horsepower GTRs, too.

Kcphoto-1067 Kcphoto-1045 Kcphoto-0722 Kcphoto-0337 Kcphoto-0157 Kcphoto-0056

5. Ben Hayes Lmboklr GTR – TX2K is where Lambo Hunting all began.  Ben Hayes and his T1R built GTR lived up to his license plate (Lmbokilr) this weekend after taking down Mullet and his UGR Lambo in Unlimited Roll Race finals. Ben got the jump off the line while Mullet’s rolling anti lag didn’t hit as hard as he was hoping.  Congratulations to both drivers on being amazing individuals and showing everyone what roll racing is all about.





6. Tony Palo Sets U.S. GTR ET and MPH ¼ mile records – What an impressive weekend for Tony Palo and his T1 Race GTR.  He not only set the quarter-mile ET record, he also broke the speed record as well.  Running consistent times all weekend, Palo posted multiple runs in the 7s and on his final pass of the weekend he ran 7.38, only .19 off the world record held by Ekanoo Racing. Not only was setting the record a big feat, Tony and the T1Race crew took home six first-place and one second-place trophies!





7. Record High Speed at TX2K – Jason Stevens aka “Mullet” made TX2K History this past weekend.  Mullet ran 208 mph and 213 mph in his Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo during the roll racing Thursday and Friday.  That was the fastest posted speeds in TX2K Roll Race history.  Now that’s a true street-driven beast!

Kcphoto-1028 Kcphoto-0519

8. Speed Warhouse Celica – When you think of a 1975 Celica, fast probably isn’t a word that comes to mind.  Well that all changes when The Speed Warhouse out of Pennsylvania gets their hand on things.  You may remember their Vipra from last year, it had a turbo Viper V-10 packed into a Toyota Supra. Bill Peron and the rest of the guys continued their debauchery this year by building a 2Jz 1975 Celica with over 1,000 whp through a 6-speed. Absolutely insane!  This thing was skating down the track for the roll racing and drag racing, trapping speeds near 160 mph and running 10 seconds in the quarter mile.  While hunting for a 9-second pass on the last run of the weekend, Bill launched the car at 8,800 rpm and sheared all the rear wheel studs clean off!

Kcphoto-0367 Kcphoto-2003 Kcphoto-1015 Kcphoto-0710 Kcphoto-0702 1170922_464749437048272_3391819965423291756_n

9. 3 Insane 8-sec Rotaries – Rotary motors are one of the craziest sounding engines out there and can put out a lot of power. Mix that with a big tire and a sticky track and you’re in for a whole lot of fun! For these three rotary-powered beasts, 8-second passes seemed like a walk in the park.  Popping and banging with the anti-lag off the starting line and then launching harder than anything this weekend, to be honest this trio was probably my favorite to watch speed down the track!




10. D3 Procharged Viper – D3 Peformance Engineering’s Gen 5 Viper was on straight kill mode. Equipped with a F1X ProCharger and a Nitrous Outlet kit (not used on record pass), D3 captured the world record for the quickest Gen 5 Viper in the world. They ran 9.36 at 144 mph on their last pass of the day! Congratulations, D3 guys!

Video courtesy of 1320video.

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