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Gidi Chamdi & AMS Performance Become The FIRST EVER To Run A 6 Second Quarter-Mile in a GT-R!

It’s been a long road filled with blood, sweat and tears for Gidi Chamdi and the AMS Performance team but all of the hard work has finally paid off as they become the first ever to run a 6-second pass in their Nissan GT-R today at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas at TX2K17.  Not only is Gidi the first to run a 6-second pass in a GT-R, he’s now the first person ever to run a 6 in an All Wheel Drive car!

To say today was a very rewarding and relieving day for Chamdi and AMS is an understatement after having one of the longest and most grueling weeks they have endured. They started this week with a car fire and then blew a motor last night. They swapped in a full new motor and transmission starting at 6:03 p.m last night and finished at 5:06 a.m. this morning. They lost a bumper on the second to last pass and then finally the dream came true, Gidi pulled off a 6.937 pass at 196.27mph. Once the time showed on the time board, the entire AMS team and entire crowd roared with excitment. As Gidi drove back down the side of the track, his team, fans and everyone else ran to greet and celebrate him as he jumped out of his car.

 We had a chance to get a few words from the man himself after all of the madness calmed down and we asked him how it felt to be the first ever to run a 6 second pass. “It feels great man, I’m just glad it’s over because we can relax now,” Says Chamdi. “It’s been a long road and it’s over so now we can come down and have a few drinks. May Fiorentino and everyone at AMS Performance worked their asses off all week on this car to make this happen. It’s hard to describe how much joy that this little piece of paper has generated, a year of hard work, failures and heart aches to make it to the 6’s. The best teams in world competed for this first 6 second spot but the Alpha G and the AMS Performance crew made it there first. We were the first to 9’s, first to 8’s, first to 7’s and now first to 6’s and so the tradition goes on. I’m blessed to have so much support from so many people that always keep us going through the bad days. I want to wish the rest of the teams that are working hard to reach that elusive 6 all over the world good luck in that quest. TX2K17 turned out to be an amazing event even though it started bad. Special thanks to Peter Blach, TX2K17 will sure be one we won’t forget and to Jason Miller, thank you for that amazing track prep, it made this possible!”


Check out the full pass in the video above by 1320Video!


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