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Street Car Takeover Takes Denver By Storm

Street Car Takeover has had quite the rough year due to rain and bad weather across multiple events. But the possible rain showers in the forecast didn’t stop them one bit from throwing one of the largest events to date in Street Car Takeover history this past weekend in Denver, Colorado.

By the time we arrived at Bandimere Speedway on Saturday morning, the line to get in was mind blowing even hours before the gates opened. Once open, the pits filled up in no time with over 500 racers that went through tech and a few hundred more cars competed in the car show throughout the day. A small rain shower halted activities for about an hour and a half in the afternoon, but the hardcore racers stuck around and racing continued once the track was dry until exactly 12 am.  It was truly an amazing event to witness, with one of the largest variety of cars we have ever experienced. We felt like we were at multiple car events combined into one big event. 

The owners of Street Car Takeover, Justin Keith and Chase Lautenbach, were in shock on the overall turnout of the event. “The only word I have for SCT Denver is, crazy!” Says Keith. “I have never seen so many racers at our event and the roll racing alone we had over 300 roll racers, a normal event we only have about 60. The variety of vehicles in the pits was crazy, I’ve never seen one car event pull off something like this before. The best way to put it, take Import Face-off, TX2K, and an NMCA event, throw them all in a bag and mix ’em up… and the result is Street Car Takeover. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Congrats to all winners in each class this past weekend!

Drag racing:
Street Racer: Lance Knigge 1990 Mustang
Garage Built Racing Small Tire: Derek Cooper 1989 Mustang
Street Outlaw: Jonny Santanni 1979 Corvette
Monster Clutches Stick Shift: John Queen 2012 GT500
Extreme Street 10.00 Index: Curtis Smith 2016 Mustang GT
Daily Driver 11.00 index: Mickey Buerger 1968 Camaro
Daily Driver Mild 12.00 index: Dennis Marshall 1968 Camaro
Street Truck: David Pineda 2007 Silverado
FWD Heads up: Bora Tork 1998 Civic
Street Bike: Mike DeYoung

Roll Racing:
King of the Bakery: Steve Tasca 2009 GTR
RWD: Travis Akins 2012 Mustang GT
FWD: Bora Tork

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