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TX2K16 Days 3 and 4 Drag Racing Qualifying and Finals

Days 3 and 4 of TX2K16 were by far the most exciting.  Besides the crazy winds, the track was hooking amazing all weekend.  There were a lot of broken rear ends and cars lifting the tires down the track.  Congrats to Tony Palo for setting the GTR U.S. ET and MPH records this weekend with a 7.38 and 204.26-mph pass in his T1 Race Development GTR!  Congratulations also to the winners of each class! Watch for results to be posted tomorrow.


Kcphoto-1131 Kcphoto-1111 Kcphoto-1067 Kcphoto-1045 Kcphoto-1002 Kcphoto-0903 Kcphoto-0898 Kcphoto-0858 Kcphoto-0759 Kcphoto-0722 Kcphoto-0711 Kcphoto-0695 Kcphoto-0664 Kcphoto-0637 Kcphoto-0610 Kcphoto-0595 Kcphoto-0593 Kcphoto-0585 Kcphoto-0570 Kcphoto-0556 Kcphoto-0537 Kcphoto-0528 Kcphoto-0526 Kcphoto-0524 Kcphoto-0517 Kcphoto-0509 Kcphoto-0491 Kcphoto-0460 Kcphoto-0447 Kcphoto-0444 Kcphoto-0442 Kcphoto-0428 Kcphoto-0407 Kcphoto-0406 Kcphoto-0395 Kcphoto-0386 Kcphoto-0381 Kcphoto-0367 Kcphoto-0359 Kcphoto-0343 Kcphoto-0341 Kcphoto-0337 Kcphoto-0322 Kcphoto-0314 Kcphoto-0308 Kcphoto-0294 Kcphoto-0269 Kcphoto-0266 Kcphoto-0260 Kcphoto-0256 Kcphoto-0252 Kcphoto-0243 Kcphoto-0239 Kcphoto-0230 Kcphoto-0229 Kcphoto-0215 Kcphoto-0211 Kcphoto-0206 Kcphoto-0198 Kcphoto-0196 Kcphoto-0172 Kcphoto-0157 Kcphoto-0143 Kcphoto-0136 Kcphoto-0105 Kcphoto-0089 Kcphoto-0085 Kcphoto-0056 Kcphoto-0049 Kcphoto-0033 Kcphoto-0012 Kcphoto-0001 Kcphoto-1176 Kcphoto-1198

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