VIDEO: This 200MPH Mustang Is A Real Ego Crusher

WannaGoFast half mile events attract a wide range of cars at each event including imports, domestics, exotics and even motorcycles. Caleb Skinner decided to bring out his Competition Orange Mustang Cobra and give it a go at the 1/2-mile and see what she can do. This Cobra may look like a race car with the twin turbos in the grille, beefy rear tires, full rollcage, and a parachute but it’s still a full blown street car with full interior, power steering, air conditioning, and radio. This twin turbo monster is pushing out over 1,200-horsepower and is known as the “Ego Crusher.” Skinner could hardly keep the tires from going up in smoke when he hit boost which made for some sketchy passes. On his best pass of the day, he had to ease into the throttle but still managed to hit 200-miles per hour. That’s what we call one badass Cobra!

Video by: BigKleib34

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